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Protech Platinum

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Protech World Class

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Shipping Destination

We can ship to any address in the world. The shipping cost depends on the destination country. All orders shipped from will be shipped via trackable method.
Kindly e-mail us if your destination country is not listed. Should you need the package in faster mode, you can e-mail us for Express shipping.

Estimated Delivery Date

The estimation of shipping dates depend on several factors, includes how quickly to get email confirmation from purchaser on selection of the items and availability of the item. The estimated shipping/deliver date ship via:

Standard Shipping 

To Malaysia within 2-5 business days
To Asia & Australia within 5-10 business days
To Europe & North America within 10-15 business days
To the rest of the world within 10-20 business days

Optional Shipping Mode:

International Economy (IE)
To worldwide within 5-7 business days

International Priority (IP)
To worldwide within 3-5 business days

If you opted IE or IP services item such as racquet will be based on volume metric weight which is 2.8kg.